The Green Revolution: Turning the Pedals Generates Power

The Green Revolution retrofits Spin bikes to generate electricity that feeds back into a club’s power system, reducing the club’s reliance on the grid and reducing the carbon footprint of the club. The Green Revolution is a suburban Philadelphia company. It is also a start-up.

The Green Revolution has been submitted to the GE Ecoimgaination Challenge. If the Challenge generates enough interest, GE may invest in some of these companies. Winning the Ecoimagination Challenge could secure more funding for the Green Revolution and help them continue retrofitting Spin bikes to make the world a cooler place.
It takes two minutes to vote. Please register and cast your vote.

Want to see more videos of The Green Revolution?  Here’s a starter and there are more on Youtube!  


7 Responses to “The Green Revolution: Turning the Pedals Generates Power”

  1. Just read about city of Philly wanting to charge you for a license. I’m just getting started in this whole blogging thing and I thinks it’s ridiculous. It did however bring me to your blog, which I think is very well done and helpful. I would appreciate any help you could offer me for my blog and hope the matter is resolved in your favor.

  2. Your story with regards to the City of Philly is hitting all around the blogosphere.
    As a fellow blogger, wanted to let you know you have rights and based on this blog, I surely don’t see the City’s official legal standing on this.
    Technically your are a journalist, protected under the 1st amendment.
    Know your rights, I know mine.

  3. Saw the same article as Butch… wanted to thorw my support in your corner. Good Luck… you’ve got a nice space here! Did you know that black backgrounds are more ecofriendly or is it just coincidence? I’m thinking of changing up my theme for that reason!

  4. JustPassingBy Says:


    Just wanted to say I saw a story about the city of Philadelphia (I am a suburbanite of the area, myself) wanting to charge you for a business license.

    Also wanted to say I support you doubly, once for being eco-freindly, and twice for the whole business license thing.

    Good luck, and keep up the good work!!

  5. Your story is being followed from across the Atlantic as well – hope this business license fee nonsense will be sorted out in your favour.

  6. They are also doing this in Europe – it’s called Fortum Active.

    So glad that someone finally is making this happen!


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